Our company, based on customer satisfaction and offering quality products on the market, cooperates with the Italian factory MONTANA S.R.L. of which is also the exclusive representative in Greece. This cooperation brings two strong bicycle BRAND NAMES, “VEKTOR” and “MONTANA”, known for their high quality of manufacture and their great performance. Additionaly, in order to support Greek production, we colaborate with the only Greek bicycle factory in Rhodes, which is very well known under the brand name “FIDUSA”. Always pioneers, since January 2015, we have included in our team Loukas Mainas, an industrial designer studied in UK. Our aim is to create a dynamic R&D department capable of designing and manufacturing custom bicycles. After two years of cooperation, we are confident that we can satisfy even the most demanding customer in both retail and wholesale and offer unique custom bicycles designed using the “BIKE FIT” method. Finally, in order to ensure that cyclists receive the maximum protection, our company works with specialized orthopedics and neurosurgeons for the manufacturing of each bicycle. Our experienced technicians, guaranteed the efficient and safe solution of any problem on your bike. Actually our moto is: “EVERYTHING CAN BE DONE”! The company represents, exclusively, the Italian brand MONTANA S.R.L., which manufactures high quality commercial bicycles called MONTANA and profecional ones called VEKTOR aiming to satisfy the most demanding customers The wide range of bicycles covers all the needs of customers and it is certain that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for. Finally, the company’s pricing policy is such that the lowest possible price is achieved. So we manage to provide you the best quality at the best price!

Pantelis Chatzidimitriou


Loukas Mainas