controllo-bici-montana-300x200 Bicycles Warranty
controllo-montana-bici-300x200 Bicycles Warranty
controllo-qualita-montana-300x200 Bicycles Warranty
magazzino-montana-300x200 Bicycles Warranty

MONTANA Srl guarantees the frame for the period of two years (12 months for painting and chrome-plating) while for all the components the manufacturer’s warranty is valid. The warranty starts from the date of purchase, provided that this purchase took place at an authorized dealer. In case of manufacturing defects or attributable to the materials used and provided that the frame is under normal conditions of use, Montana undertakes to repair or replace the parts under warranty that are found to be defective, while the transport costs will be charged to the customer.


  • Products without a purchase tax document (receipt or invoice);

  • Products not purchased from an authorized Montana dealer ;

  • E-bike products whose identification codes have been removed;

  • Damage to electrical parts caused by high pressure or inaccurate washing;

  • Normal wear (including fatigue);

  • Damage caused by abuse or improper use, incorrect assembly (for example incorrect tightening torques), incorrect or insufficient maintenance, accidents, blows, corrosion, use of aggressive cleaners, use with non-compatible products, repairs not carried out correctly, and more generally anything that does not constitute a defect in materials or workmanship;

  • Products arrived at the natural end of the useful life cycle;

  • The effects of prolonged exposure to UV rays (fading, yellowing);

  • The effects of the saline environment;

  • Products repainted (even partially);

  • Products that have undergone any changes;

  • The labor necessary for replacement.

Without prejudice to the essential characteristics, we reserve the right to make any technical changes or accessories for any model shown in the catalog.
The colors of the bicycles included in this catalog may have variations being printed on different materials.
The indicated weight can have a tolerance of 5 – 6%.


Bicycles with Ansmann RM5.0 and RM5.2 engine : the manufacturer guarantees 4 years on the engine and 3 years on the battery (1000 charges). After 3 years of use the battery has at least 60% of its charge, if it has been treated correctly.

Bicycles with Bafang engine : 2 years warranty on the engine and 3 years on the Ansmann battery (1000 charges).

Bicycles with Shimano Steps motor : the manufacturer guarantees 2 years on the engine and on the battery.

Bicycles with Brose engine : the manufacturer guarantees 2 years on the engine and on the battery.

In the case of E-bikes destined to hire both at private and public facilities, there are reductions in the duration of the warranty:
Engine : 2 years (both Ansmann , Bafang );
Battery : up to 1 year with a minimum capacity of 70% or 500 cycles.

RULES FOR USING THE BATTERIES: After the first charges, the battery reaches its full capacity. Capacity over time decreases without any perception of performance. The battery is considered exhausted when it reaches 60% of its original capacity and no later. Do not expose to too high temperatures, avoid wet areas that can cause corrosion and contact. ALWAYS
use the charger with the battery. NEVER leave the charged battery below 20%. We recommend charging the battery after each use. Charge the battery completely before long periods of inactivity, especially before winter, and every 6/8 weeks to avoid damage.After each use turn off the battery switch to prevent discharge. We recommend storing the battery in dry places with temperatures between 5 ° and 25 °.